Gallipolis Fire Department adds new truck to fleet

Amber Gillenwater

June 24, 2014

GALLIPOLIS — The Gallipolis Fire Department recently added a new apparatus to its fleet of trucks thanks to the ongoing support of the community through their fire levy.

Gallipolis Fire Chief Keith Elliott reported on the new fire engine, a 2014 E-One, that will hold approximately 1,030 gallons of water and will replace a 33-year-old truck.

“It is being paid for out of the fire levy, and, without the fire levy, the city couldn’t afford to buy a new apparatus like that,” Elliott said. “The levy is strictly used for replacing trucks and for the needs of the fire station.”

Elliott further reported that, normally, and in this case, the city of Gallipolis will “float” a loan for the purchase of the new apparatus, and then pay that loan back from the funding that is collected through the fire levy.

Gallipolis City Commission President Steve Wallis also reported on the new fire truck that was originally constructed in Ocala, Fla., but made its way to Gallipolis via a dealer in Midvale, Ohio.

According to Wallis, a key point to make is that this purchase and continuing purchase of updated equipment at the fire department will not only help to keep local residents safer, but will also help to keep fire insurance rates lower.

“In order to reduce their insurance ratings, and keep those low and in check, that’s why we have to keep the equipment up to date because it is 100 percent to the residents’ benefit for their insurance premiums and their safety,” Wallis said. “It helps keep our residences safer because it keeps our firefighters safer and allows them the capabilities to do their tasks safer on the scene.”

Chief Elliott also spoke to this point, discussing Insurance Services Office [ISO] ratings and the importance of keeping the fleet of trucks at the fire department up-to-date.

“There are two direct benefits: one, we have new and updated equipment to help protect them, which is primary; secondary to this is keeping our apparatus relatively new — the fire insurance for your house — it helps keeps that ISO rating high which keeps your insurance lower,” Elliott said.

Elliott further thanked the people of the community who continue to support the fire department through their continued support of the levy.

“If it was not for the fire levy and people supporting that fire levy, we couldn’t do this,” Elliott stated.

The Gallipolis Fire Department serves not only the City of Gallipolis, but Gallipolis Township, Clay Township, Green Township and Addison Township.

The 1981 Ford fire truck that is being replaced by the new apparatus will reportedly be sold to the Harrison Township Fire Department for $1.