God can give attitude, too

By Pastor Ron Branch

June 20, 2014

While there are many things about which to like God, one point has to be is that He can give attitude, too. Holy God is no pushover.

After all, people give God attitude all the time. People scoff at the notion that God is real. Attitude comes in the form of personal arrogance toward God. People think of themselves as God. Attitude is manifested in expecting that God will most certainly have to give them a second chance for redemption after passing out into eternity.

People ignore God’s plan of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. Attitude is exhibited in thinking that government can do more for them than the providence of God. People think they are getting by and will get by with ungodly, sinful practices. The lists of attitudes from humanity toward God are manifold.

But, God is not reserving His holy attitude until the last day. Is God loving? By all means in that He so loves even those who hold Him in contempt.

Is God longsuffering? Indeed, in that He patiently abides the pouring out of His wrath with the intent that, at some point, people with attitudes against Him will turn to Him with a decision of repentance.

Is God forgiving? Prophet Micah stipulated that there is no God who forgives people like God does. God’s attitude toward people is proactive with influences (like the Bible, His Holy Spirit, His Son’s death on the Cross and Resurrection, other people who have made a conscious decision to follow God) to demonstrate the spiritual possibilities and persuasions of becoming right with God.

But, if not, God can give attitude, too. The Psalmist wrote, “He that sits in the Heavens laughs” at those who give the wrong attitude toward God. God is not intimidated by resisters and rejecters. He merely laughs at those who think they can pull God’s string. One would think that after this lengthy course of historical human experience with God that attitude toward God would corporately change for the better.

Nonetheless, people still give the wrong attitude toward God. When it comes to resisting and rejecting God, people have tried, and people have failed. People are trying, and people are failing. People will try, and people will fail. No one succeeds against God. The devil is trying, but is failing, and will ultimately fail. The anti-Christ will have his day, but will fail, too.

It should be a wake-up call to those who give God attitude to know that God is laughing at them.

Yet, another point of attitude from God directed toward the attitudes given to Him by humanity at large is founded in God’s willingness to confuse the humanistic agendas of mankind. “He vexes them in His sore displeasure,” said the Psalmist.

Recall the Biblical account of the Tower of Babel. The objective of the people involved was to displace God, to control God, to stand superior to God, all of which stands at the core of the agendas of men. But, God carefully and wisely “vexed” them with confusion. He confused them by causing them to go from having a common language to having different languages. This caused disunity. They were no longer coordinated in their corporate purpose.

The same is true of mankind today. We remain confused individually and nationally. Each nation or race has its particular social, political, and even spiritual agendas. It is true we are certainly trying to unify, but it will take the Anti-christ to facilitate the closest point possible for a short period of time. But, the worst confusion will only be attained — and defeat.

What is to be said is that the God of Israel, the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, is still in control. He is not beyond throwing holy and righteous attitude back into the faces of rejecters and resisters, because no thing, no person, or no agenda is going to stand in the way of the fulfillment of His plans and purposes through Jesus Christ. That’s the facts, Jack!

The Rev. Ron Branch is pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Mason, W.Va.