All that awaits bill’s passage is governor’s signature

March 16, 2014

Dear Editor,

West Virginia is only one of nine states that allow an abortion until the day of delivery. Medical science has proven that at (20) weeks, babies feel pain when they are aborted. Abortion is wrong, period, but the least we can do is pass a law where the babies may not feel pain when being aborted.

West Virginians for Life has been working for years to get the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act passed into law. In the last couple of months, the bill (HB 4588) has passed the House and the Senate by large numbers and is now going to Gov. Tomblin to sign into law. The only thing keeping this bill from being enacted is the governor’s signature. This bill is at a critical stage and everyone’s involvement is necessary.

It is important for everyone to call the governor at (304) 558-2000 and urge him to sign the bill.

Wayne Sanders

Pt. Pleasant, W.Va.