Meigs residents reminded of recycling changes

Staff Report

December 15, 2013

POMEROY — Meigs County residents who use the county recycling program are reminded the program will change hands at the beginning of the year.

Under a new contract between the Gallia-Jackson-Meigs-Vinton Joint Solid Waste Management District and Rumpke of Ohio, Inc., Rumpke will be responsible for the collection, transportation and processing of recyclable materials generated within the four-county district.

Rumpke’s ‘single-stream’ drop-off containers will be located at the existing recycling locations in Chester, Pomeroy, Racine, Rutland, Salem Center, Syracuse and Tuppers Plains. A container will also be located near the Columbia Township Volunteer Fire Department in northwestern Meigs County and in Middleport. The drop-off site at Forked Run State Park will be discontinued with a final pick-up date of Dec. 18. People who use that site will be able to use the drop-off containers in Chester or Tuppers Plains.

With the single-stream collection method, all the recyclable materials can be placed in one container together, according to Terri Marchi, executive director of the solid waste management district. Separating the recyclable materials by residents is no longer required.

A complete list of materials that can be recycled as of Jan. 1 and drop-off sites for all counties in the area are posted on the solid waste district’s website, The new containers will also be labeled with a list of materials that can be donated at the sites.

Accepted items include, office paper and folders; newspapers, including inserts; magazines; catalogs; telephone books; paperboard (food containers); cardboard; junk mail and envelopes; plastic bottles and jugs (no lids); glass bottles and jars (any color, remove caps and lids); aluminum cans; steel and tin cans; and cartons (milk and fruit juices, remove lids and straws).

Items not accepted include, but are not limited to, plastic bags, wrap, tubs, toys, buckets and toys; plastic containers without a bottle neck; hazardous and flammable material; metal hangers, wire and scrap; needles and medical sharps; pots, pans and plumbing; electronics and car parts; clothing, rope and string; window glass and light bulbs; ceramic and dishware; rubber hoses; video tapes; wood items; styrofoam; car parts; and cups.

For the past two years Meigs County’s recycling program has been administered by the Meigs Soil and Water Conservation District, and before that it was administered by the Meigs County Office of Recycling and Litter Control. The existing wooden recycling buildings will be closed up and eventually removed. The Meigs SWCD encourages county residents to use the new drop-off containers and to not attempt to use the old buildings since they will no longer be serviced after the end of the year.

For more information, contact the solid waste management district at 800-544-1853.