Commissioners pass resolution for Rachel’s Challenge

Sarah Hawley

November 2, 2013

POMEROY — The Meigs County Commissioners passed a resolution during Thursday’s meeting to support a unified effort against bullying which is being presented in the local schools next week.

Representatives from Eastern, Meigs and Southern attended the meeting to discuss the plans for the upcoming Rachel’s Challenge events to take place in each of the three school districts.

Meigs Middle School officials stated that the schools have unified in making a change and creating a chain reaction of compassion and caring.

Deem asked the commissioners and the community to support the program and take a step toward kindness and compassion.

The resolution passed by the commissioners declared next week as Rachel’s Challenge Week and encouraged local businesses and churches that have marquees to display the words “Start a Chain Reaction” on them to encourage area youth and cause a greater impact of Rachel’s Challenge.

Rachel’s Challenge is a program which reaches out to students and community members to “Start a Chain Reaction” of replacing the acts of violence, bullying and negativity with the positive.

The resolution added that “Rachel’s inspiring story provides a simple, yet powerful example of how small acts of kindness and acceptance motivate us to consider our relationships with the people we come in contact with everyday.”

Students from kindergarten through Grade 12 will have the opportunity to hear the presentation at school during the week of Nov. 4. The speaker will be at Meigs Elementary Nov. 4, Eastern Local on Nov. 5, Southern Local on Nov. 6 and Meigs Middle School and High School on Nov. 7.

A presentation for younger students will focus on compassion and kindness, while the assembly for older students will discuss Rachel Scott and the Columbine shooting.

Following the presentation at each of the schools, 100 students will be selected for the “Friends of Rachel Club.” These students and some teachers will go through a separate training following the group assembly.

A community event will be held at each of the three high schools in addition to the events.

Community events are set for Nov. 5 at Eastern High School, Nov. 6 at Southern High School, and Nov. 7 at Meigs High School.

Each event will begin at 6:30 p.m. and is open to anyone who would like to attend.

Community events are free and open to anyone who would like to attend, not just those in the district hosting the event.

Rachel’s Challenge was founded by Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Joy Scott who was the first victim of the Columbine school shooting in 1999.

Using the example of Rachel, the program reaches out to make a positive impact on the lives of millions around the world each year.

The program is brought to schools nationwide to help combat the problems of bullying, student isolation, teen suicide, discrimination, school violence and increased disciplinary actions.