You know you’re from Portsmouth if…

October 6, 2013

Glockner Chevrolet 2nd and Chillicothe Streets 1956- Submitted by Craig Shaw

Craig Shaw wrote: Here is a neat old photo from Glockner’s. The fellow at the rear of the car is speaking into a microphone. It might be a remote broadcast from one of the local radio stations. I like the Toll Bridge sign outside the window.

Bill Hart wrote: Those were the days when the cars would be covered while being transported to the dealers and people had to wait until a scheduled revealing to see what the new cars looked like. Just something else from our youth our grandkids will never understand.

Frank Hunter wrote: Back when cars were new pieces of art every year.

Anne Chapman Gardiner wrote: My aunt in McArthur hid a new charcoal gray and salmon pink Chevy in her garage until the momentous unveiling. Those were the days!

Ollie Reutzel wrote: I remember the days of going with my dad to see them uncover the new cars at Capitol Pontiac and Glockner’s. It was better than Christmas.

JD Knittel wrote: The lady with the black hair and glasses is I believe my dad’s mother. She worked for Glockner’s when they were on Chillicothe Street.

Brian Pistole wrote: Wouldn’t we just love to have back some of the old cars we used to have? We would be rich!