What are you carrying in your pocket?

To round out my vacations days, I usually stay at our oldest son’s house in the Martinsburg, W.Va., area. I mostly bide my time by playing golf at a local course and riding my bike along the C&O Canal along the Potomac River.One morning recently, I first stopped at the Dunkin’ Donuts shop on North Queen Street for a coffee and two of those things I prefer Terry did not know I ate (one had jelly in it).Anyway, as I sat breakfasting up and working a crossword p...

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Whether going or waiting, God is always on time

Do you like to wait? Do you enjoy sitting at a doctor’s office waiting to be seen? How about going to the drive through at a fast food restaurant with a 35-car line and the food not cooking fast enough?Worse yet is when you are standing at a toll booth with a line of cars of about 250 cars — at least it feels like it.Nobody likes to wait. The fast-paced industry has created in all of us a sense of urgency to be in a hurry. To wait is to waste time and “...

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A Hunger for More

To say that Jesus lived out the days of His earthly life always in the midst of controversy and conflict would be a huge understatement.People never seemed to quite know how to take Him and were constantly trying to “figure Him out.” They seemed to think that if they could just get inside His head or could neatly categorize Him as maybe just a teacher, a prophet, a lunatic, or even a demon-possessed man, they then could move on and conveniently go on living their lives ...

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‘Lostness’ becomes real only as you realize it

For our vacations, Terry and I usually spend a second week together at Ocean City, Md., after spending the previous week there with all our family.However, recently we spent our second week in Virginia Beach, Va.Late in the week, we visited the Virginia Beach Aquarium. While it all was interesting to me, it was more of a joy to watch the wonderment and reactions of children getting up close to sharks, turtles and the many other varieties of fish clearly seen swimming in ...

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Search the Scriptures

The Biblical account of Noah offers us many lessons concerning salvation and the grace of God.God, looking upon a sinful world, resolved to punish mankind by destroying His creation with a flood, but Noah, being righteous, found grace in the eyes of the Lord so that the Lord worked to save him (cf. Genesis 6:8).God’s salvation took the form of an ark, which God required Noah to build, thus demonstrating that grace does not preclude the necessity of obedience, but r...

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A Hunger for More

When all is said and done, and when the history of our lives is complete, what measure shall be used for unveiling a man or woman of greatness?

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A Hunger For More

A great deal of tragedy has struck in the past week in...

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